Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Who Believes This Stuff?

Here in California we are geting ads for all the propositions that are on our up-coming ballot. One in particular is starting to tick me off.

Proposition 93 is designed to change the term limits the California populace put on our state legislature. As it stands someone can serve 8 years in the state senate (2 terms, 4 years each) and 6 in the assembly (3 terms, 2 years each). The proposition wants to make it 12 years in any one house. I don't like the change, and will vote against it. The ad in question supports the proposition, so that may be part of my problem, but I think it's deeper than that.

The ad says that when a legislator is forced to leave, then the lobbists run the place. Are they seriously suggesting that letting a legislator run again, somehow makes them immune to lobbists (even though they'd need lots of campaign funds to run)? Or is the point that newbies in the legislature are somehow more susceptible to the evils of the lobbists?

The whole thing is just so stupid that I can't understand who would believe this?

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