Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Good News - I Hope

So because of all the press about SnOb-ama and "bitter"-gate, there seems to be little if any coverage of what could be a very important speech by McCain. He is almost (but sadly not quite) calling for actual spending control. Here are the key quotes, as I see them
We need reforms that promote growth and opportunity. We need rules that assure fairness and punish wrongdoing in the market. We need tax policies that respect the wage-earners and job creators who make this economy run, and help them to succeed in a global economy.

'Discretionary spending' is a term people throw around a lot in Washington, while actual discretion is seldom exercised. Instead, every program comes with a built-in assumption that it should go on forever, and its budget increase forever. My administration will change that way of thinking.

While this isn't quite what I want, in that it isn't fiscal sanity, it is at least a step away from our current fiscal fantasy (and way more reasonable than the spend, spend, spend promises of the Dems).

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