Thursday, July 31, 2008

As We Argue Over Politics, Nature Reveals A Secret

Sometimes when I get depressed about the inanity of our political system, or the general insanity of humanity, I retreat to science. Logical, sensible, understandable,... science. Always makes me feel better.

Today science made a premeptive strike. There is water on Mars. story

'Nuff Said. Enjoy your tax dollars at work.


Dean said...

Water on Mars... Kinda opens things up a bit, now doesn't it?

I wanted to stop by and just say hi as I appreciated your comment at my site regarding gay marriage.

I've been shut down by Blogger temporarily (hopefully) as I've been identified as a potential spam blog.

Since I may be sitting on the sidelines for a while, it may prove to be beneficial as I "get out a little more" and check-out some other folk's sites, like yours.

Thanks for your support.

Fellow Theocrat

K T Cat said...

The water on Mars makes it possible to have an Earth colony there! Let's go!

Err, maybe not. But at least we can go back and read our Ray Bradbury again.

Dean said...

O@H, I'm back up and running again but with some conditions I'm sure you will understand given my predicament. Thanks for your support.

Ohioan@Heart said...


I'll be a reader, no matter how stupid Google is...

And thanks for the nice words.