Monday, May 4, 2009

Try to Imagine The Reaction...

...if say Sarah Palin had said this.

That's right our wonderful, brilliant, supreme one, oratory master of a President said welcome to "Cinco de Quatro" when he was speaking on May 4, about the upcoming May 5 celebration of "Cinco de Mayo".

Now understand that I speak essentially no Spanish. I'm stumped beyond counting to about 6, ordering a beer, and asking where the bathroom is (those last two are a necessary combo). But even I know that Cinco is 5 and Mayo is not mayonaise, but May. So this poor dumb, conservative, mouth breathing, neaderthal of a Republican wouldn't have said that. I can only imagine if a Republican had said that.

Or for that matter imagine the reaction if some Republican had done this. I don't see Sen Kerry having his back.

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