Friday, July 3, 2009

Anybody Interested?

To all CA taxpayers...

The California Constitution (Article 4, Sec 12, part 3) reads
(3) The Legislature shall pass the budget bill by midnight on June 15 of each year
and further, later in Article 4, section 22 begins
SEC. 22. It is the right of the people to hold their legislators accountable.
Whereas we CA taxpayers we are being subjected to additional costs due to the legislature not fulfilling their constitutionally mandated requirement I believe we have legal standing to sue them in State court.

We could ask for the remedy to be removal from office and a permanent injuction against any of them ever holding any elected office.


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K T Cat said...

Oh, please. You should know by now that there are no rules any more.

Captchs word: joinfla - It means move your business out of California and into the South.