Sunday, June 29, 2008

Baseball is a Funny Game

... and the couple days have proven that.

Yesterday, the LA Dodgers won a game without getting a hit. The Florida Marlins catcher, Matt Treanor, started a double play by catching a foul bunt. The San Diego Padres got the third out of an inning when, with runners on first and third, the pitcher bluffed to third and then caught the runner breaking from first (after that it was a routine 1-3-6-3-2-5 sequence to get the runner from third). Then later they got a double play on a suicide squeeze (ball popped foul to third, runner doubled off).

Today the Padres continued with the routine stuff. With a man on first, a ground ball to the first baseman. He steps on first, then got the runner with a simple 3-6-1-6-5. Yeah, that's right "5". After the pitcher threw to short, the shortstop dropped it, then the third baseman picked it up and tagged the runner. Routine. Of course it's plays like that, that explain why the Padres are 32 and 51.

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