Monday, June 30, 2008

Say What???

So first Gen. Wesley Clark, USA (ret) takes a shot at John McCain by saying (on FACE THE NATION, CBS)
"I don't think riding in a fighter plane and getting shot down is a qualification to be president."
Is he serious?

But wait, it gets better. To qualify and explain his remarks he expounded today
John McCain is running his campaign on his experience and how his experience would benefit him and our nation as President. That experience shows courage and commitment to our country - but it doesn't include executive experience wrestling with national policy or go-to-war decisions.
If you want more deatils go here)

Let's see... McCain served in the military, spent 4 years in the House of Representatives and 22 years in the Senate. Barack Obama did not serve in the military, he served 7 years in the Illinos Senate, lost a campaign for the US House and then has served all of 4 (yes, four) years of his first term in the Senate.

Question: So Gen. Clark who has better experience?

Answer: McCain. No contest.

Vote McCain. You know you should.

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