Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Baseball Interruptus - Or Yet Another Reason Why Dud Selig Needs To Go

First I need to get this off my chest... AAAARRGGHH!!!!

OK. Now I feel better.

Did you watch last night's Game 5 or the World Series? Well don't worry, no one did.

Not because they weren't tuned in. I have no idea how many sets were on FOX.

Not beacuse they didn't try to play. Both teams did their level best.

Not because of the miserable weather conditions. Weather is what it is. So be it.

And not even because the game got suspended. That's just what happened.

No no one watched Game 5 because THAT WAS NOT BASEBALL!

Seriously, have you ever seen: 1) an All-Star quality shortstop miss a pop-up after backing into shallow left, losing the ball in the rain, and then running in like mad as the wind blows the ball almost all the way across the infield mud, er, I mean dirt, or 2) a professional umpire (at any level, let alone 6 MLB umpires), watch a pop-up in the infield, with runners on first and second and one out, and not call an infield fly rule?

Both of those showed very clearly that what was happening was not baseball. See that's what happens in the rain. The game isn't the same. You should not play under those conditions. No one will ever convince me that if that had been a regular season game they would have been playing after the 4th inning.

I believe the umpires know that Dud Selig wanted that "game" (and I am using that word loosely) to be complete. Well that's a nice thing to want, but the weather wasn't cooperating. Tough luck Dud.

Now they've "played" themselves into a corner where we will be down to a 3.5 inning game with only the bull pens to pitch.

Nice going guys. Way to make Baseball fans "happy".

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