Friday, October 17, 2008

Spreading My Money, and Yours, But Not Theirs

So I'm sure you've heard Barack Obama's comments to "Joe the Plumber" (another great Ohioan - Go Joe!) in which he says essentially I want to take the money you earned to spread it around it help those coming along behind.

Do you also remember Michelle Obama's comments about how unfair it is to have to pay back her student loans?

Together this means that she doesn't want to use THEIR money to pay back a debt she volunteered to take on, and which would then provide the resources to spread it around for those that are coming behind, but he'll happily take the money YOU earn to give to others.

Seems fair.

A big "tip of the hat" to my wife, who first pointed this out to me.


K T Cat said...

It doesn't matter what you do with that money he wants to spread around, it only matters that you take it.

K T Cat said...

Have you noticed that politicians talk about increasing spending on education, but not the desired outcome? It's as if the spending is the desired outcome.

Howlsatmoon said...

Remember, in Socialism/Communism, All people are equal.

Just some Peoples are More equal. Can't be spreading their money....wouldn't be "fair".

PS....Your Kitteh looks like My Kitteh....