Friday, November 21, 2008

What I Believe (Part 2)

I believe in fiscal sanity.

I don't believe in massive bailouts payed for by taking money from hard working citizens. It doesn't matter if the method of taking is a tax increase or simply borrowing (and printing money) with the inflation and reduction in buying power that produces.

I don't believe in promising health care and prescriptions, welfare and retirement, or any other hand out, any more than I believe in corporate welfare.

I believe in earning what you have and being careful with what you earn.

And I believe that the government should take as little as possible from its citizens and then spend no more than it takes. To spend future dollars, only burdens our Posterity and robs them of their Liberty.

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Dean said...

I'm afraid these are the ramblings of a dangerous subversive which should rate a spot on a "watch list".

Hey, thanks for the blog roll. I hadn't noticed.