Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ohioans Are Not All That Stupid

I'm sure you've seen the story about the man who died today, because while he was out ice fishing on Lake Erie the ice broke up, stranding him and about 150 other people. Back when I lived in Ohio, it seemed that there was a story about rescue of ice fishermen every year.

I always thought that when someone got caught out there they probably got caught because they really didn't pay attention to the obvious, and must have been a bit careless, bordering on stupid. But it seems that here, someone actually used pallets to build a "bridge" from the ice attached to the shore to another section that was separated by water.

Are you kidding me? They built a bridge to get to the part of the ice breaking away?

I think I have to agree with the local sheriff who is quoted as saying, "I have no problem with people ice fishing, but these idiots should realize that when you see open water, you should not build a bridge and cross it... It's a shame you can't arrest people for stupidity."

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K T Cat said...

I'm 68% Ohioan!

Ohioan@Heart said...

Pretty good for a kitty that's probably never spent more than a few nights in Ohio.