Friday, September 12, 2008

9/11 + 7 Years

Today is 9/11. Time has healed many wounds, but not all. Never all.

Normally the days go by, and we don't think about what happened 7 years ago. Today we remind ourselves.

I try to remember often. I still have the calendar from September of 2001 on my office wall to ensure I remember.

On 9/11 I take the time to remember...

I remember the words coming from the radio as I woke up here in California with both towers burning.

I remember rushing out to the TV and those images.

I remember my thoughts as I heard the first reports of "confirmed reports of smoke coming from the Pentagon".

I remember saying, "We are at war starting today".

I remember being sent home from work in mid-day as the base was closed.

I remember seeing the towers come down.

I remember the worry as I looked at my high school sons.

I remember the strength of Guiliani. And New York. And those who ran INTO the Pentagon. And Flight 93.

I remember the first Saturday Night Live Opening after with Guiliani and FDNY and NYPD standing there, declaring that New York was back in business.

I remember the bagpipes. Many, many, too many, bagpipes.

I remember singing God Bless America during the seventh inning stretch.

I remember the unity.

I remember.

May we never forget.