Monday, September 29, 2008

Back - So Much Has Happened

I've been off on a series of business travel and just finally got myself back in the groove. So much has happened that cries out to be blogged...

Let's see, let's start with yesterday's big sports news. It was close, it was fun, and there were lead changes to the end. No not some stupid football game, the NASCAR race. Actually a fairly uninteresting race, with a fantastic last few hundred yards. If you weren't watching, I won't try to explain it. Suffice to say that the guy in second tried to pass by using the physics of potential energy => kinetic energy (by driving down the banking in a turn), without considering what would happen as he came up the other side (hint: Mr Car meet Mr Wall, Mr Wall meet Mr Car).

Next there's the whole fiscal melt down. I've commented in a few places that I'm not thrilled with the bailout (that has failed currently in the House), but still think that it is better than doing nothing. I read lots of things about why it happened. One thing I'd like to mention, that seems to have missed everyone's sight, is that all our big businesses are run by Business Majors. They care only about "this quarter's profits". They really don't know the business. They really don't care about the long term health of a company. They care about their bonuses and that means this quarter's profit. It doesn't take a mental giant to realize that no upward trend lasts forever, but if I'm betting for this quarter's profit, then bet on the up-tick to continue for 3 more months.

I guess the last thing for this one is that the regular season for baseball has ended (the White Sox not withstanding). Now we get the playoffs. Nothing better.

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