Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bury My Heart at Tranquility Base?

I'm sure that everybody has seen the articles about the company that will send some of your ashes to the moon (for a price of course). I couldn't decide as I first read it if it was creepy or brilliant.

I've decided it's brilliant.

It's brilliant because it represents a very important step back towards humans really going into space. Yeah, yeah, I know sending ashes skyward (or moonward) is hardly a huge step towards interstellar space. Nonetheless, anything that moves us as a species outward is a good thing.

Maybe this is an odd outlook. It comes from a book I just read. A Man on the Moon by Andrew Chaikin. It is the story of the Apollo program and all the missions to the moon. Reading this reminded me of the wonder and excitement of that time. But more to the point, it reminded me that while I was alive for this achievement, not one manned (peopled?) mission has gone back during the time my children have been alive.

How many times in human history has a major achievement occurred and then the species simply abandon it? Or sure, not many fleets sailed to the New World right after Columbus. But they did come at a pace appropriate for the information flow of the time. Not true for flight to the Moon.

We must return to the Moon and continue out beyond. It is the only path to the future. When it happens we will find our hearts soaring. If we don't, it doesn't matter where my heart is buried.

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Leon said...

I feel that it doesn't mean much to anybody, but such ideas will bring about other ideas that would surely benefit us. I mean the future would surely bring us out of our planet and into others out there, so we should start heading in that direction.

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