Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Shots Across The Bows

There is a shot across the bow from the Democrats. A bunch of folks are making hay about McCain not beinging a "natural born" citizen. He was born in the Panama Canal Zone (general legal opinion is that that was never US territory), to two US Citizens, thus being a citizen at birth. He has never held other citizenship.

So the "issue" is a very narrow reading of "natural born" as requiring birth within the US. It would require an extremely narrow reading of "natural born". The more obvious reading is that you are either a "naturalized" citizen or a "natural born". No one disputes he's a citizen. No one has suggested that he was ever "naturalized". Hence he's "natural born". Seems simple to me. (Interestingly, the folks making this case would argue that someone born here, of parents here illegally, that then spends the next 35 years back in the country of the parents, would qualify.)

Now McCain's shot(s). Watch this

So other than this being a great (and I mean great) ad, why a shot?

Did you hear the dig at 1:06? "I don't seek the office out of a sense of entitlement." Who might be doing that? Then there is the text at 1:31. "More than Aspiration. Leadership." Perhaps aimed at the other Democrat me thinks.

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