Tuesday, March 11, 2008

News of the Day

I couldn't decide which of these to write about, so I decided to do short paragraphs on each.

I will not participate in the "piling on" that's going on with regard to Gov Spitzer (D-NY), Re: prostitute. I will instead say that based on the photos of him and his wife... Well that's one cheezed off lady. Not that I can blame her. That's why I won't pile on. It looks to me like he's going to get everything that he has coming.

Next, we see that Sen Obama has rejected Sen Clinton's suggestion of him being VP on the ticket with her. I can't see her accepting the VP position, so it looks like it will continue to be a knock-down drag-out to the end between the two Dems. It's almost too good to be true.

Now the really bad news. The CDC reports that one quarter of girls between 14 and 19 have an STD. That is unbelievable. Very distressing. One wonders how we, as a society, got to this point. And how to get back to something more reasonable. But I'm not worried. I'm sure that once Congress gets done with steriods in baseball they'll get right on this. And I know that the film and television industries care about young girls, so they'll stop promoting promiscuity.

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K T Cat said...

25%?!? That seems way higher than I would have thought.