Friday, March 21, 2008

The Democrats (Un)Civil War

Prior to my recent travel I ran across this very interesting article on how Democrats are starting to not only divide over Hillary vs. Barack, but divide deeply, emotionally, possibly irrevocably. It is particularly interesting to me that the divide may really hurt the possibilities for both candidates for the eventual winner. The article says
It's unclear exactly when the primaries stopped being a joyous occasion for the Democrats. But as the weeks have ground on, the intensity between Democrats who disagree has calcified, the vitriol grown fiercer. According to exit polling in the Texas primary, 91 percent of Clinton supporters said they would be dissatisfied with Obama as the nominee; 87 percent of Obama fans said they would be dissatisfied with Clinton. Nationally, a quarter of those who back Clinton say they'd vote for John McCain if Obama won the nomination (while just 10 percent of Obama supporters would do the same if he lost).

Encouraging for McCain, but also early. Many of these folks wear their hearts on their sleves, and after the nomination is worked out, they may change their minds. On the other hand, (to use our Maximum Leader's analogy), maybe they'll down spiral into civil war.


K T Cat said...

It may be early, but I'd rather be leading than trying to come from behind.

Ohioan@Heart said...

Oh certainly, ahead is better than behind. And being in the party that isn't fragmented and fighting is prefered. But if the economy slides then being in the party in office is not good.

The next 7+ months will be interesting.