Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Super Tuesday Results, My View

So today, as I was flipping through the radio presets, I heard a talk show pundit (and self proclaimed "True Conservative" = TC) say the McCain was only winning because Huckabee and Romney split the TC vote and McCain just got the votes from the "liberal" side of the party. He went on to say that if Rudy had just stayed in the race then he'd have split off enough of nasty evil "liberal" republicans to have given Romney the wins (that he so clearly deserves as a TC).

Oh, please. Could Rudy have changed the results? Sure he could have. And an asteroid crashing into the earth would, too. So what? Deal with what is, not what you wish would have happened.

As it is, McCain is in great shape. He may very well get enough delegates and have a sure nomination before the convention ever starts. That would be good. All us liberal republicans (AKA Moderates) are happy. There is no doubt in my mind that McCain (a moderate man of honor) can beat either Hillary or Obama (true liberals that they are). I doubt that Romney could.

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