Friday, February 29, 2008

Wow! I Didn't Know They Were That Out of Touch

I can't believe it. Just go read this.

I think I'm done with Hollywood.

For look at how things once were, see this.

Update: This may belong in the comments, given KT's positive comment, re Angelina Jolie, but here is something that I wanted out here.

The local TV station KUSI had a wonderful story on Gary Sinise and his band giving a free concert to the Marines at Camp Pendleton. The link does not do the full story justice.


K T Cat said...

Don't get too down about it. Check out Angeline Jolie's editorial in the WaPo.

Dean said...

I wear my orange Club Gitmo T-shirt out as often as my wash cycle will allow to show my support.

Club Gitmo: Your relief from the stress of everyday jihad.