Sunday, February 10, 2008

What's Important Today?

Let's see, over at CNN it's about Hillary replacing her campaign manager (can you say: scapegoat?). Same at MSNBC, ABC News, CBS.

I can't get excited over this. Obama has the momentum. Hillary has the negatives. This switch isn't changing either of those. I expect to see another fake sincerity cry anytime. Not that it will change anything. Obama is campaigning on chrisma. That's worked before. Bill Clinton. Ronald Reagan. JFK. I thought about adding Hitler to the list, not because I think Obama is anything like him, far from it, but it does show that chrisma, in and of itself, is not enough to make one a good leader.

Over on the other side, Huckabee wins on Saturday.

Has my party lost it's mind? A Huckabee nomination would probably make me vote for Hillary or Obama. I expect that that was a glitch, but who knows?

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